Our soil

Like the roots of the mighty Redwood tree in a forest, the cannabis culture of Mendocino connects every farmer and family together in a single community of mindfulness and magic.

The Mendocino Market serves as the connection between the legendary farmers who call Mendo home and the fans of Nor Cal’s finest.  

Taste and Terroir

The ocean swept coast line brings in more than the occasional cloud or foggy morning. Inland the crops are ripe as they take on the natural terroir from the air to the soil. Giving you the rich taste of Mendocino County.

Commitment to the Craft

Our society as a whole couldn’t exist without farming. This tradition of moving earth to take care of communities is not lost. At The Mendocino Market we strive to highlight the growers and ensure that they receive more than a living wage. With each purchase made you are contributing to an ecosystem of inclusion to support the craft of cannabis cultivation.